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TESS Research Foundation

​​Our Goal is to find treatments for the genetic disease SLC13A5 Deficiency.

TESS Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity established to fund research in search of a treatment or cure of Citrate Transporter Disorder, a genetic neurological disorder associated with the gene SLC13A5.  We are also here to serve as a resource to families who are impacted by the genetic disorder and to facilitate the sharing of information to those engaged in research on the topic. To date, we have funded groundbreaking research that has identified the function of the gene responsible for the disorder.  The next crucial step is to develop an effective treatment or cure for those affected by the neurological disorder.

The Founders

Kim and Zach Nye live in California with their four young children. Two of their children, Tessa and Colton, recently received SLC13A5 Deficiency diagnoses.

Despite uneventful pregnancies and deliveries, Tessa and Colton both began having seizures the day they were born. For a decade, the underlying cause of Tessa’s seizures and developmental problems remained unknown, despite consulting dozens of specialists across the country and trying dozens of medications. Tessa continues to have hundreds of seizures daily. When Colton was born in 2013 and also began having seizures, our team of experts realized the problem was genetic and were able to isolate a genetic marker for the disease: SLC13A5. Finding a genetic marker is a huge step in finding a cure.

The Nye family started TESS Research Foundation in order to improve the lives of those living with the genetic neurological disorder SLC13A5. TESS Research Foundation aims to raise awareness, unite families affected by the disease, and fund research in order to better understand this disease.​

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TESS Research Foundation

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Treatments for Epilepsy and Symptoms of SLC13A5

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